CrossFit Unlimited Eunice hosted its first competition this February to celebrate our second anniversary there. Kim and I accidentally opened CFE two years ago while we were looking for coffee.

What we found, instead, was an old Wal-Mart building with a trampoline inside. We also found Jesus.
There are no accidents.

We rented 1,000 sq-ft of space inside the Word Ministries church and called it home, until we accidentally interrupted a funeral wearing “But Did You Die” shirts for our last day of boot camp.

Again … there are no accidents, which I was reminded of Saturday when I saw a hearse parked outside for our competition.

We made the move to a bigger space, as we rented the “Garden Center” next door with dreams of growing people instead of plants. It had air conditioning that we still can’t figure out how to turn on. It had the perfect parking lot for running. No water. No bathrooms. It had notes written on the cinderblock walls left behind by its previous owners – “Do not steal my tools.” It had a random light switch that is now used to turn on “beast mode” during workouts. It probably turns off a light in the church every time we flip it.

“This will do for now,” Kim and I told ourselves.

Fast forward two years and we are still making do, growing inside, planting new seeds every day like the Garden Center it was always meant to be.

This was never more evident than during CrossFit Unlimited Eunice’s first annual competition when I watched Lex and Lil Jacobian finish up nine deadlifts and nine pushups with an entire CrossFit Unlimited Community cheering for them to beat the time cap.

Two fist-bumps later, I scanned the room, inspired by the smiling faces of three CrossFit boxes and a proud family, all united as one.

Then I watched our RX boys teams put their arms around each other and pray before their final WOD together. Pray for each other. It’s like we never left the church.

I watched Chloe, our 15-year-old future Games competitor, sprint down our track with a kettlebell, chasing Kain like she knew she was able. I watched our 60-year-old member, Bridget, take the podium after doubting her own abilities to compete in the first place. I watched our Box Baby, Ellie, get passed around from family member to family member, not even sure where that family began or ended.

Maybe one day we will watch Ellie plant her own seeds in that box, as she hosts CFE’s 30th Annual Partner Competition – with Lex and Jacobian leading the prayer circle for our RX mens teams. Meanwhile Phen could be firing up his Crowley members, while Kollin reminds his Jennings athletes that they all make him so proud.
All I know for certain is that if these walls could talk … they would say so much more than “Don’t steal my tools” or “Skeat, why did you paint me in Seattle Seahawks colors?”

They would talk about our community, always growing, always improving.

We may not have everything we need in Eunice yet, yet we somehow have everything we need.

Our Eunice box is, much like all of us – a work in progress with UNLIMITED potential. Happy Anniversary CFE.
Our best really is yet to come. Thank you, all of you, for continuing to bring out the best in us.