David Sonnier is 49 years old and hopes to be as active and healthy in 40 years as he is today.
And he is certainly on the right track to meet that goal.
“I don’t have major health problems,” he said. “Every time I see my doctor, he tells me that he never sees anyone my age in such good health.”
Like many people, David did not always take care of his health. About 10 years ago, he weighed 300 pounds. He got into the gym and began doing a little weightlifting and cardio on an elliptical. In 2012, he joined the CrossFit Unlimited family.
“It was tough but I liked it from the beginning,” he said of his new adventure. “It challenged me and offered a new workout every day. There was always something new to look forward to.”

David weighed 300lbs. about 10 years ago.

Five years later, David is typically in the box six days a week. There, he always has a smile on his face. He works hard every day and always takes the time to encourage those around him, whether they are doing the first workout of their lives or have been on a fitness journey for a decade.
Though he always gives his best, David has worked overtime this year. About seven months ago, he began utilizing the CrossFit Unlimited Nutrition program.
“I got down to 205 pounds and my weight would not budget,” David explained. “So I decided to give the Nutrition program a try and it made all the difference.”
To his surprise, David learned he was not eating nearly enough calories per day to properly fuel his body. He started eating nutritious foods and upped his daily calorie intake.
Within four months, his body fat percentage dropped from 30 to 18. He currently weighs 185 pounds.
“I felt better all the way around when I started eating the right way,” he said. “Just dropping 20 pounds from my body made such a difference in how I felt and how far I could go in my workouts.”
Some staples in his diet right now include shrimp and spaghetti squash and protein bars for snacks.

David hopes to remain as active and healthy in his golden years as he is now at the age of 49.

“You cook a big meal for the week and your food is there for you each day,” he said. “I show up at work every day with a bag filled with three containers of food. It’s important to have your food prepared beforehand. If I get hungry, I grab what I have. If you don’t have any food on hand when you get hungry, that’s when you start eating unhealthy.”
David’s nutrition coach Kimberly Vincent said that while he has always given 100 percent in his workouts, his performance since tackling his nutrition has gone through the roof.
“He doesn’t know this, but earlier this year we hosted a competition and David was part of one of the teams that participated,” she said. “Guys in their 20’s were asking who he was because David was just tearing through the different workouts.”
David is quick to point out that while he enjoys friendly competitions, his goal is always to better his body so that he can enjoy life. He describes the people he works out with at CrossFit Unlimited Jennings as a family of individuals who share that same goal.
“A lot of people see the CrossFit Games on TV and think that’s what this is about, but it’s not,” he said. “The average person you meet at CrossFit wants to be healthier and stronger. It’s not about competition.”
David’s success, hard work and positive attitude are just some of the reasons he has been named CrossFit Unlimited’s Athlete of the Month for December 2017.
Congratulations, David. The best is yet to come.