Kristen Pate, 33, is a wife and mother to six children. Like any woman who holds these titles, she wants to be the best she can for her family, which is just one reason why you can find her at CrossFit Unlimited Eunice about 5 days each week.
Kristen’s fitness routine is actually made possible by her own awesome mother.
“My children are 11, 10, 9, 7, 3 and one and a half,” she said. “During school, my mom watches the younger kids so I can hit the 8:30 class. She does the same thing even if the older kids are on a break.”
Kristen was introduced to CrossFit Unlimited in Aug. 2015 but three months later, she became pregnant with her youngest child. She returned to the box in January of last year, needing to lose about 50 pounds. She could see her blood pressure leaning to the high side. She knew she needed to tackle her health before she started seeing problems.
“I didn’t want to be a statistic,” she said. “But I hated working out on my own. I do better with someone telling me, ‘This is what you are doing for a workout today and this is how you do each movement.’ So this place is perfect for me.”
It’s also the perfect place for Kristen to focus on herself so that she can give her best to her family.

Kristen with her husband Matthew and their children.

“It’s important for me as a mom to have ‘me’ time,” she added. “I get to interact with other adults and get stronger while I do that. A lot of moms forget about themselves. I have young kids and a husband that rely on me. It’s not selfish for a mom to take care of herself.”
Her WODs not only make her physically stronger; her mind is getting stronger, too.
“Whenever you first see that WOD on the white board, it looks impossible,” she said. “Until you get to the end. Then it’s like, ‘Wow, I did this.’ There’s a feeling of accomplishment.”
Before she joined CrossFit Unlimited, Kristen did not realize just how strong she was. She can deadlift 250 pounds and when she pulls that bar off of the floor, she feels amazing.
“I think CrossFit has a way of teaching you that you can go through anything that life throws your way,” she said. “Taking one hour out of your day to do this is a gift to yourself, one that shows you just how tough you really are.”
Kristen is an incredible athlete who gives her all in each workout. The fact that she does this not only for herself but out of love for her husband and children is why she is the CrossFit Unlimited Athlete of the Month for January 2018.
Thanks for being part of our fit family, Kristen.