A few years ago, Lori Burger relocated to an upstairs office at her job. There was no elevator — she had to climb up and down those steps every day.

The problem was, she couldn’t breathe when she finished climbing.
At the urging of her son, daughter and a friend, she decided to give CrossFit a chance.
“It increased my mobility, endurance and confidence,” Lori, 57, said. “I’m physically capable of more now than I ever imagined.”

She also feels like she has received an extended family made up of great people who strive to be their best while encouraging one another.

Lori also encourages those around her not only with a positive attitude but also through her dedication. Just last year, a surgery left Lori with one arm in a sling. She didn’t sit on the sidelines and watch her fellow CrossFitters work through their WODs, however. Lori simply modified her workouts, even doing wall balls with one arm.

“I continued for my mental health,” she said of why it was so important for her to workout through her recovery. “I fight depression during the winter months. I knew if I didn’t continue working out, then I wouldn’t like myself.”
There is another reason she pushes through her workouts even if she might want to quit.
“It took me many years to learn this, but the feeling of regret lasts longer than trying and failing until you succeed,” she said. “Other people should be smart and learn that lesson quicker than I did.”
Lori believes any person can do CrossFit. They just have to try.
“I started late in life, but it’s never too late to do this,” she said.
It’s never too late to become a standout CrossFitter either, which is why Lori is the CrossFit Unlimited Athlete of the Month for March 2018.