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Your Burning Questions Answered

You can. CrossFit very literally is for anyone. Our boot camp focuses on functional movements, including squats, push-ups and sit-ups. We don’t lift weights in camp other than your own bodyweight, kettlebells and dumbbells. In everyday life, you need to be able to pick something up if you drop it (deadlift); sit in a chair (squat); get off the ground (push-up); or get out of bed (sit-up). And it doesn’t matter if you can’t do some of these things well or if you have physical limitations due to health conditions or injuries. Can’t push yourself up from the ground? You can push a wall to help you build more upper body strength. Can’t squat to depth or have bad knees? Sit on a box with proper form that’ll help you squat lower and lower as you progress. Can’t sit all the way up? Crunches will strengthen your core so that one day you can. Can’t run? Walk. Can’t walk? Row. It doesn’t matter your age or your physical issue, we can help you modify each and every movement so that you CAN do this one workout at a time. You do NOT have to be in shape to join – we plan to help you get into the best shape of your life!

The beauty of CrossFit is no one judges you; everyone is too busy trying to breathe during their own workout! Our boot camp is designed for beginners, so every person there has certain limitations or weaknesses they are trying to tackle. Everyone gets better, together, as a community. “Only in CrossFit are the loudest cheers for the last person to finish.” It’s often the support of your fellow boot campers that will keep you going, especially during times you don’t think you can. Some days, you’ll finish first; some days you will finish last. But in boot camp, workouts are programmed so that everyone finishes as a group and you can all be proud of what you accomplished – together. Besides, the only person you are competing with is the person you were yesterday.

Once you arrive to class on the first day, a coach will pull you to the side to weigh and measure you. Then your coach will explain what CrossFit is, how and why it works and what to expect over the course of the camp. Then the class will go through a short warmup together, followed by some stretching and then some skill work, where you will be taught how to perform the movements of the workout properly. Once boot campers learn the movements, they will be asked to complete a “baseline” workout that usually consists of rowing, squats, sit-ups and push-ups. Once everyone completes their workout or a modified version of it, individuals will write down their time in a notebook. The class does a cool down together, then stretches. Participants can expect to be extremely sore for the first week, but the pain doesn’t last. “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” Although that first workout will be memorable, in just six weeks, the entire class will repeat the exact same workout on their final day of camp – as their WARM-UP! Participants will also be weighed and measured again on the last day to help track your progress. After six weeks, campers will also be conditioned for regular classes if they wish to continue.

Donuts make you bulky. Steroids make you bulky. CrossFit makes you lean, not bulky. In fact, the average woman who strength trains two to three times a week for two months will replace four pounds of fat with two pounds of lean muscle. As you build that muscle, you also increase your resting metabolism, so you actually burn more calories at rest throughout the day. Women don’t gain size from strength training; women will, however, develop muscle tone and definition to replace fat and flabby areas.

Yes. You can get injured doing anything. But the purpose of CrossFit is to prevent injuries and other health-related issues, not cause them. Certified coaches teach you how to move properly and help to condition you for everyday life. Strength training builds muscle, builds stronger connective tissues around your muscles and increases joint stability. In other words, “CrossFit makes you harder to kill.” The risks of injury associated with ANY physical activity pale in comparison to the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis, etc. CrossFit actually helps a person reduce ALL of these risks. Simply consider that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, killing nearly 800,000 people per year. No one has ever died from CrossFit.

We are definitely not a regular gym. Globo gym members pay an average of $40 per month to rent equipment, and often sign two year contracts in order to borrow that equipment quite infrequently. In fact, statistics show that 80 percent of people who joined a gym in January of 2012 quit within the first five months. With that said, gyms make the majority of their money off of people who don’t show up. CrossFit works the opposite way. For $100 a month, you aren’t renting equipment. You are paying a personal trainer to tell you what to do, teach you how to do it, and hold you accountable each month for coming to class. If you don’t show up, we CANCEL your membership. Members do not sign a contract. And fellow members motivate you to keep showing up, which is the perk of having personal training in a group setting.You get to work out with your friends and share each other’s successes! So when you compare the cost of renting a treadmill for $40 a month or having a personal trainer at an average of $60 an hour, CrossFit is actually the most affordable and most effective option! Try if for a month -no strings ever attached – and find out for yourself why CrossFit is worth it.