Client Stories

Great People and Coaches

“My biggest accomplishment so far is staying consistent with showing up for work outs! My favorite thing about CFU are the people and coaches who keep me motivated everyday! CrossFit makes exercise something I want to do and not just a need to do.”

~ Ashtyn

Pushes Me Past My Limits

“I was honestly tired of JUST cardio. I wanted to be stronger in other areas. I was always afraid of starting bootcamp, but everyone opened their arms to me. Bootcamp pushes me past my limit. It’s that extra drive I was longing for. My biggest accomplishment so far is starting to put weights on my bar and it’s helping me with my running. I feel good. I feel strong. I feel healthy.”

~ Alysia Savant

Absolutely Life Changing

“Considering bootcamp….. life changing. CrossFit will not only give you a new life to look forward to, but it will teach you not to put limits on yourself. Best people that you’ll ever meet. All locked in on assisting you to be one the best versions of yourself that you can possibly be.”

~ Damon